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About Us

WOOX is a popular brand for Smart IoT and AI products, high quality smart solutions, easy to use products for home users at an affordable price. Our products are designed to last long and to make your home smarter, safer and more energy efficient. 

WOOX is a strategic partner for world's fast growing Smart home cloud provider TUYA Smart, all WOOX devices are "powered by TUYA" devices which make the WOOX devices compatible with all other TUYA products around the globe. All WOOX products are Retail ready packed in attractive WOOX layout packaging including Multi-language manuals which make the installation of any WOOX device a "piece of cake". WOOX devices have a very user friendly set up connecting them to the WOOX Home app which users can download and install from the Google Playstore or Apple Appstore, the download and use of the WOOX Home is free of charge.

All WOOX devices support the voice control services from Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, to make this an easy proces we have integrated a direct access to these services from our WOOX Home app. WOOX devices also support the working with IFTTT.  

Our WOOX portfolio consists of three main categories: POWER, VISION and LIGHTING. All products are developed and produced by our own factory team in Shenzhen, China. In Europe our main logistics- and support center is located in Zundert, The Netherlands. 

WOOX is a registered European trademark born in June 2018.
WOOX Home is a registered European tradename.
All WOOX products are covered by the official quality certifications for use in Europe.